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MotoFyx is India’s fastest growing chain of new age car repair workshops offering transparent, hassle-free and predictable car repair experience to car owners across India.

We are a one stop solution for all car repair needs, offering Economical Pricing, Genuine Spare Parts, Assured Warranty, Expert Technicians along with Latest Tools & Equipment’s

3 Cities

Operating across 3 cities in India.

MotoFyx Owned Workshops

We take pride in owning & operating all our workshops, ensuring full control over the quality of service provided

1,00,000+ Customers

Providing an honest, predictable and hassle free car care experience for lakhs of car owners


MotoFyx stands as India’s most ethical car servicing company, dedicated to delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition, ensuring that every customer interaction exceeds expectations.


At MotoFyx, we take pride in owning and operating all MotoFyx workshops, ensuring full control over the quality of service provided. Our highly skilled technicians, each with 10-15+ years of industry experience, are experts in their domain. They approach every car diagnosis with an unbiased perspective, thoroughly assessing the vehicle to recommend the right solution, both technically and economically.

Setting Industry Standards

Even in the face of mistakes, MotoFyx goes above and beyond to rectify the situation. We hold ourselves to exceptional standards of service recovery, setting a benchmark that others in the industry simply cannot match. Our dedication to resolving issues and making things right demonstrates our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customers at the Center of Our Universe

At MotoFyx, we place customers at the core of everything we do. Every transaction, every interaction, is centered around providing the best experience possible. We listen to our customers, understand their needs, and strive to exceed their expectations at every step.

Founding Vision

MotoFyx was established in June 2016 by automotive enthusiasts driven by a vision to revolutionize the car service industry. Our founding principle was to prioritize exceptional customer experience via our company owned and operated workshops bringing a much-needed change to an industry that often fell short in this regard.

Join the MotoFyx Revolution

Experience the MotoFyx difference for yourself. Discover the highest standards of customer service, transparent communication, and ethical practices that set us apart. We are committed to redefining car servicing, one customer at a time.

Welcome to MotoFyx.


Economical Pricing

Economical car servicing and repairs. Get savings up to 45% on car servicing and repairs.

Genuine Spare Parts

Spare parts that are used are 100% genuine manufacture approved OEM/OES spare parts.


Get assured warranty on all the car service or repairs and spare parts.

Professional Service

Our dedicated, professional, and well-trained team provides the best and genuine advice on car issues. Get live updates on the car repair services in real-time.

Customer Convenience

We provide a free pick up and drop facility and doorstep car services to suit the customers' convenience.

Protecting Our Customers at MotoFyx

At MotoFyx, our mission has always been clear: to protect our customers.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by being truly unique in every aspect. So, what sets us apart?

Our Service Experience Managers and Technicians, who are our own dedicated employees, exercise sound judgment when it comes to replacing assemblies and recommending value-added services. We only proceed with repairs or replacements when we are convinced, both technically and commercially, that they are necessary for your vehicle. With our deep automotive domain knowledge, MotoFyx ensures cost control without compromising quality.

Our Service Experience team takes personal responsibility for your car. They conduct a diagnostic drive, assessing reported problems firsthand, and carry out precise troubleshooting at the service center during check-in. This meticulous approach, known as the Diagnostic Drive, ensures accurate diagnosis and effective solutions.

We have a strict policy of not accepting any commissions from spare part vendors. Instead, we negotiate B2B prices directly with our vendors and transparently include our labour margins in our quotes. Our pricing reflects the quality and reliability we offer.

When it comes to quality, MotoFyx sets the bar high. Our levels of quality surpass those of any other provider in the market. We are committed to delivering superior quality and support that surpasses even authorized dealerships.

Integrity is a non-negotiable value at MotoFyx. We have zero tolerance for unethical behavior or actions. Over the years, we have consistently upheld our ethical standards, taking decisive actions against employees, part vendors, and even customers whenever unethical conduct is detected.

Unlike platforms that merely connect customers to service centers, MotoFyx takes full ownership of the service process. We own and operate our MotoFyx workshops, where our dedicated Service Experience Managers and technicians, who are extensively trained in our unique organizational culture and domain expertise, meticulously control and execute your car service. We prioritize quality and ensure a seamless experience throughout.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end with the service. If we make a mistake or if you face any inconvenience after our work, we relentlessly follow up until the problem is resolved. With MotoFyx, frustration is not an option. We guarantee your peace of mind.

At MotoFyx, we believe that values lead, and business follows. Our customers trust us because we are driven by our core values of technical expertise, quality, and integrity. These values guide our interactions with customers, vendors, and employees, earning us the respect we cherish.

We understand the burden of multiple apps, which is why we don’t require our customers to install yet another one. Our mobile-friendly website and WhatsApp powered engagement offers a seamless experience without the need for additional apps.

There are no “generalists” or “coordinators” at MotoFyx. Every member of our team, from the first person who answers your call to senior management, is an automobile expert. This means we understand your car and its intricacies like no one else. When you explain a problem, we get it without frustration. Our expertise extends to the systems and sub-systems of your vehicle.

Choose MotoFyx, where protection, expertise, and customer satisfaction converge. Experience the difference for yourself.

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    Join The MotoFyx Revolution

    Experience exceptional customer service, technical expertise, and ethical practices that set us apart. Discover a new level of car servicing that exceeds your expectations.

    Rating & Reviews

    Ashwin Jalan
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    Great car service experience. Very unique way of maintaining the transparency of the on-going work during the service. So that you always know what’s happening with your car at the MotoFyx workshop. MotoFyx engineers are extremely professional and they give you accurate feedback about your car’s condition. Their honest approach is truly commendable. Got a service and also got my car denting painting work done. Found the work done to be very professional.
    Pankaj Bhagwat
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    The most crucial thing the business world lacks today is transparency, reliability & genuineness. And hence most customers are sceptical when it comes to car servicing. But MotoFyx has been the game changer. Got my car serviced through them on 2 occasions, and they have done a fantastic job. Reasonable rates, Free pick up drop, Genuine spare parts, Real-time updates/pictures.... what more do u expect? Way better than any other Authorized Service Centre for any make!! Keep it up guys!!!
    Akshay Shah
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    I found out about MotoFyx while randomly scrolling across Facebook and contacted them for my car service and car denting painting. I immediately got a car service quotation as per my requirement and had my appointment scheduled. The whole booking process was so instant, which really impressed me. Throughout the entire process, I was kept updated on the progress of work by the service engineer. Cheery on cake was their engineer who took care of my query and offered prompt solutions. MotoFyx is undoubtedly the best car service in India.
    Pattabiraman Sadasivam
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    I got a car service for my Hyundai Grand i10. This was my first experience with MotoFyx. I must say I'm quite pleased with them in every way. They did an excellent in job in sharing live videos of car repair. Updating me on the progress and sharing all the recommendations and costing. I have never come across this level of professionalism and honesty at least in India till date. MotoFyx engineers advise you best not to spend unnecessarily on servicing at the same time not neglecting what is important.This you definitely won't find anywhere else.
    Makhdomali Girkar
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    My advice would be to try MotoFyx car service and car denting painting Once. And you will never visit blood sucking company service centres again. MotoFyx team keeps transparency throughout the entire car repair process and updates you timely with videos and photos of work done on your car. The repair work done on my car is excellent and they also resolve your car small issues which are ignored by company service centres. Car service and car repair charges are reasonable and delivery is on time.
    Darshan Patil
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    High quality and professional car service & car denting painting.
 I had bumped my car fenders and couldn't open the passenger door because of that. The local garages were either exorbitant or they didn't promise the 100% solution to the problem. MotoFyx fixed my car dent as promised. Plus, they have free pickup and drop at your convenient time. Am truly satisfied and would definitely go on to say that their car denting and car painting service is the Best! Great Job guys.