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    Standard Car AC Service

    Recommended Every 6 Months / 5,000 Kms
    • Time Taken 2 Hours
    • 2 Months / 2,000 Kms Warranty

    Comprehensive Car AC Service

    Recommended Every 1 Year / 10,000 Kms
    • Time Taken 6 Hours
    • 2 Months / 2,000 Kms Warranty


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    Rating & Reviews

    Zeeshan Parvez
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    All of a sudden, my car AC started blowing warm air, with absolutely no cooling. I came across MotoFyx car ac service while searching online to fix my car ac. These guys are absolutely a pleasure to work with. As soon as I contacted them, they understood clearly understood my problem, an immediate appointment was scheduled for my car ac repair. Their pick up and drop services are super convenient. Best parts of it all was that I was constantly notified on all the work done with live video and image updates every half an hour. Got my car delivered the same day and my car ac feels so good now. Thanks, MotoFyx.
    Sreejith Nair
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    My car ac was emitting some foul smell since the past few days. My friends suggest that I get in touch with MotoFyx and have my car ac issue shown to them. These guys are really awesome at customer service, within 1 hour of my request, they had sent their technician over to my place to inspect the issue. The technician was able to quickly identify the issue related to the ac blower and arrive at a resolution. MotoFyx team quickly resolved my car ac issue and also performed a complete ac disinfection service. My car smells really good now. Would definitely recommend MotoFyx car ac service to anyone wanting to fix their car ac.
    Sushant Nagpal
    Read More
    I had started to notice a drop in my car ac performance overtime and one fine day all of a sudden, my car ac stopped working altogether. I got in touch with MotoFyx in order to Fix my car ac problem. They had quickly diagnosed the issue to be due to some leakage from the ac cooling coil and had shared a report with me. I found their pricing to be quite reasonable and gave them the go ahead to proceed with the ac repairs on my car. Really impressed with the live updates they kept sharing throughout the entire process. I am amazed that such transparency still exists even in these times of money sucking car service centers. Overall I am a very satisfied customer, thank you MotoFyx for fixing my car ac in a very efficient and economical manner.

    Frequently asked questions

    A car ac service is ideally done once a year or whenever there is a drop in the ac cooling performance. Should you feel your car ac is not cooling efficiently, have the ac inspected, in most cases the drop is car ac cooling performance is linked to a lower ac gas levels or leakage of the ac gas.

    The reason for your car ac blowing out hot air could be due to reduced levels of AC gas. In most cases the problem is usually linked to a leakage from the HVAC system comprising of condenser, compressor, ac cooling coil or from the ac valves. The issue could also be linked to an electrical fault in the ac system. In such a situation, we highly recommend to get your car inspected at the nearest MotoFyx workshop, for immediate resolution.

    The foul smell from your car ac is often linked to either a clogged ac filter, dirty blower motor or a chocked drain line. Along with a foul smell quite often there is excess moisture observed from the AC. In such a situation, we strongly recommend to get a complete car AC service done.

    Most likely a faulty ac cooling coil or ac compressor leads to noise generating from the car ac. We recommend you get your car inspected at the nearest MotoFyx workshop, for immediate resolution.

    Low air flow from the car ac can be due to either a clogged ac filter, clogged ac vents, leakage from the ac cooling coil or a damaged ac blower motor. In such a scenario, we highly recommend you to get your car ac diagnosed at the nearest MotoFyx workshop.

    Our comprehensive ac service package covers all essential services and checks to ensure that your car ac performs at its optimum. The car ac service comprises cleaning the ac filter and blower motor, cleaning of the ac cooling coil and condenser, inspection of the complete HVAC system. Further the service also covers replacement of the ac gas, compressor oil top up along with a comprehensive ac gas leak test and more. You can visit the nearest MotoFyx workshop to know more.

    Your car service is just a tap away. You can either book directly from our website or You can reach us over call / WhatsApp on +91 9167172019.

    Experience The Best Car AC Service

    Get Instant Quotes For Your Car AC Service

      The MotoFyx experience

      MotoFyx Car AC Service

      • Periodic car ac service done once a year, ensures optimum performance of the car ac
      • The condenser, ac cooling coil and compressor are the most important components of the car ac system. Routine maintenance along with proper lubrication helps reduce the risk of premature failure
      • The ac cabin filter traps the dust particles, pollen and bacteria which cause allergy and breathing problems. Hence it is advisable to have the ac cabin filter cleaned once every three months and a replacement of the ac filter be done at regular scheduled intervals

      Car AC Services Offered

      Select from a wide range of ac services that are best suitable for your car

      • Car AC Service: A comprehensive car ac service package to ensure optimum car ac performance

      • Car AC Gas Recharge: Replacement / Top up the car ac gas using R134a refrigerant and automatic ac gas recharging machine

      • Car AC Condenser Cleaning: Cleaning the ac condenser using high pressure water jet washer along with cleaning agents

      • Car AC Cooling coil cleaning: Cleaning the ac cooling coil using high pressure water jet washer along with cleaning agents. Leak test of the ac cooling coil is also done by immersing it in a foam wash tub to check for any air leakage

      • Car AC Filter Service: Cleaning or Replacement of the cabin AC filter at scheduled intervals as per car service manual

      • Car AC Inspection / GAS leak test: Inspection for any ac gas leakage at high pressure and low pressure using automatic ac gas recharging machine

      • Cleaning of AC vents & Dashboard: Cleaning the ac vents and polishing the dashboard using non-sticky polishing agents

      Latest Tools and Equipment’s

      All MotoFyx workshops follow industry best practices and employ only the best in class automotive ac service equipment. Right from automatic ac recharging machines, AC gas leakage detection tools, automatic flushing tools, refrigerant recovery tools, Ac disinfection equipment and other specialized tools specific to your car ac repair requirement. To know more visit the nearest MotoFyx workshops today.

      Assured Warranty On Car AC Service

      With all MotoFyx car services you receive an assured 2 months / 2,000 kms unconditional warranty. Our team of engineers are available 24*7 to assist you at all times.

      Complete Convenience

      You can avail a free pick up and drop facility, or you can also bring in your car for service at the nearest MotoFyx workshop – we’d love to have you over. For your convenience, we also offer doorstep car service and doorstep car repair. We value your time and ensure fast delivery of your car.

      Complete Transparency

      We rebuild your trust in car service and repair by our transparent processes and live updates. We’ve built our business on trust and are committed to giving you an honest and genuine car service experience every time you book a service with MotoFyx.

      Quality Assurance

      We take car care seriously and are committed to offering you the best quality services at an economical price. With use of genuine spare parts, an assured service warranty and our highly skilled technicians, we provide you the best car service experience.